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About us

During 2021 we received a grant to develop a remote survey app, this app will be part of the Navalmartin service offering and it is our aim to have 1 in 3 of the 10,000 surveys we perform each year completed without attendance.  

Our vision

Surveys will become more accessible and yachting more ethical, inclusive and sustainable.

Over the last 2 decades there was an exponential growth of yachts fleet. The leisure sector accounts for 6 million boats in Europe and 14 million globally. Yearly, the industry generates £3.97b (200k jobs) in the UK and is worth $40b globally.

We at mir want to be part of making the yachting sector accountable, accessible and ethical and we believe mir will deliver this by reducing the cost associated with sending out risk management expertise to yachts, ships and marine vessels to survey.

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Valentin Martin


Val started his career in naval architecture as a designer of high speed trimarans and large yachts. In Navalmartin he regularly acts as expert witness on design-related claims.

Patrycja Kruk


An industrial designer, experience in product and yacht projects. Patrycja has been cooperating with the Navalmartin studio for over five years as a marine designer.

Angela Kennedy


A growth marketer with an eye for design and ‘the creative element’, experienced in working within bleeding-edge and AI tech start-ups that have ambitious growth models.

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